Image of a Methane stripping leachate storage tank

Retrofit of Methane Stripping Equipment at 4 UK Landfills

During 2011 IPPTS Associates  provided consultancy services in collaboration with Stratus Environmental for retrofitting methane stripping equipment, to WRG (Now FCC, and one of the top 5 UK Waste Management Contractors).

Image of a retrofitted methane stripping leachate storage tankNew methane stripping equipment was added to existing leachate storage tanks at four landfills, and a new centralised leachate discharge facility was created in Derby, close to the sewage works.

The centralised leachate storage facility is located at the sewer discharge point, and includes additional leachate storage tanks to which leachate which has undergone methane removal in equipment located at each landfill, is safe for discharge to the public sewer.

The leachate will be delivered to the centralised leachate storage, and sewer discharge, facility by tanker.

The Methane Stripping Equipment work was tendered, and awarded as a design and build contract to Viridian Systems.

IPPTS Associates provided:

  • conceptual design and a reference process design
  • tender documents
  • tender review and advice on award of contract
  • construction stage advice on design aspects of the proposed retrofitted of Methane Stripping Equipment
  • advice during commissioning.

Completion was achieved in early 2012.


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